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30 Years Ago - Silicon Valley

10 Years Ago - China

And Now - India


About Dhun Ventures

Early-stage Venture Capital firm focused on India investing in tech-based innovative, unique, and futuristic solutions emerging from the country's tier II and tier III cities/startup-hubs.

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India is flooded with sweet melodies, but we select unique ones to build a portfolio of winners. We wander off the beaten tracks and uncover impactful innovations.

In a giant market like India, many investors enter with a Spray & Pray approach. Ours is Stop & Listen - far from any FOMO. As the country has the world's largest youth population, we have built our firm around a young team to be in tune with the favourable demographics and mass consumers.


Our Strategy

We invest $20k-$200k into early-stage tech startups based in tier II and tier III cities/startup-Hubs of India and work closely with these teams, providing them with global network support to reach their goals.

The Future of Indian Startup Ecosystem

India needs more than just the Big 3 (Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai) to handle urbanisation, job creation, and gender-income inequality. The future of India's startup growth now lies in tier II and tier III cities/startup-hubs.